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Open ttd like game:

——Note [N] = look at the bottom of document——

Game it self:

A game like openTTD, TT mobile, simutrans and railroad tycoon. It will take the best features from each game and make an entirely new game.

It will be isometric 2d (possibly 2.5 I don’t know what to call it).

You will connect industrys like passengers and coal to their destinations to build up a transport empire. The game takes place on a randomly generated or user made isometric world (this is to be stored as a tile map). it will be avable for PC as its primary platform


      •32 and 64 bit support
      •16bit, 9x and 2k support?
      •open source?
      •Map maker
      •vehicle creator [1]
      •Costume vehicle market in game [2]
      •more transport options
      •land ownership [3]
      •toll roads and bridges [4]
      •station and breakdown delays [5]
      •legacy vehicles [6]
      •war (disaster) [7]
      •ability to drive vehicles
    —from other games—
      •mod ability’s (openttd)
      •countries (rt2) (modified will go into detail later)
      •Sandbox mode (rt2)
      •company colours (TTM,TTD)
    —Game options (optional)—
      •stop vehicles being discontinued
      •stop vehicle creator
      •stop vehicle creator in game market

Transport list:

      •Plane (passenger/cargo)
      •Helicopter (passengers/mail/goods)
      •Zeppelin (passengers)
      •Blimp (passengers/cargo/drone)
      •Drones (cargo)
      •Vans (cargo)
      •Trucks (cargo)
      •Taxi (passenger)
      •Mini buss (passenger)
      •Buss (passenger)
      •Trolleybus (passenger) (overhead)
    —track (Standard and narrow)—
      •Tram (overhead/ third rail)
      •Electric (third rail/overhead)
      •Metro (metro track/third rail)
      •Maglev (mag track)
      •Ferries (cars/people)
      •Liners (people)
      •Cargo boat (cargo)
      •Oil boat (oil)
      •Narrow boats (rivers)
      •Cablecar (people)
      •Travellators (people/ cargo)
    [1] the creator allows the players to make a class of vehicle in game so they can fine tune their business to their design. (The can make multiple vehicles in the same game and use them
    [2] players can allow other players to purchase there costume vehicle and use it in there company (in game money will go to player) this will allow for a new way to play the game as players could just produce vehicles for other players to use.
    [3] This will allow users to purchase land to do what ever they want with without there rating in that city going down
    [4] can be made by a player if they want money after making a very long bridge or road but this is only an option as some players might just be building roads to make the towns grow in the way that they want
    [5] this is a feature that allows players to set how long there vehicles wait at a station (min/max) to stop convoys at one station when they should all be at a different stations. This can also be used if a Beale down happens where the other vehicles on that route will at some point go for a check or run slower or reposition they selfs to allow the formation to be remade
    [6] at a curtain point older vehicles become popular again so if you had a train from 1920 then it would be popular in 1980 as well as some parts becoming available again so reliability goes up. (This gives the player more options to do with there old vehicles)
    [7] this is a rare event (unless it is made common) event where 2 or more countries will go to war. Now this can affect the game in many ways. One is that the player can fun the factions for an outcome that is in there favour and also an income from the government of that faction but if they choose and the faction looses then they will get fined a bit and in the other winning countries are less likely to take there transport if there is an alternative. Another way is open borders might change making it impossible to do that route or if a company does not have an existence in one of the factions they will not allow them to build in that country. War zones can also lead to damage to any running vehicles that happen to run though them. This can lead up to an interesting strategy where players could keep a war zone active to disrupt their opponents. (I might add the ability for the players to take part (military style) in the war maybe also give them the ability to affect how country’s view each other)