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Pentium 4 master race Just as the year 2000 brought a wave of hype around laptops and netbooks, the year 2007 has brought talk of netbooks. As someone who lived with a netbook for the best part of a year I can honestly say that the hype is for real and it is only going to get bigger.

It's been a few years since netbooks had a significant impact on the market but they are fast becoming a great alternative to full-sized laptops and even a real alternative to desktops. It's not unusual for a full-sized laptop to now be

Pentium 4 master race Out of 32 total processors tested, the i7 3770K came out on top for games and productivity tasks, thanks to its powerful 6 cores and HyperThreading. Not only that, it comes with Turbo Boost, which helps it reach even higher performance than the i7 2700k. The i7 3770K can also give better performance to virtual machines. This chip was often the reason why I could run many of my large virtual machines in VirtualBox, more so than the i7 2700k. The i7 3770K really belongs in the $300-400 price

Pentium 4 master race

As long as you have four CPU cores and a motherboard that supports it, you should be able to run Windows XP on your Pentium 4. Using Windows XP Enterprise, anyone can install Windows XP (no Bootcamp required).

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Smartboy benders

Want to transform your existing keyboard into a SmartBoy with just one cable? There’s a USB cable for that. Though, there are much better ways to get your hands on that smartphone.

3D printer rigs

Can’t find a special car for your 3D