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Update 23:44 10/12/2020: Masive years worth of windows updates is currently happening for me (1903 to 2004), crushing my poor celeron's proformance (celeron n3350 @1.10GHZ). This proformance hit has made it so just loading notepad is a nightmare nevermind Chrome (does not work at all), Brave works but it takes a lot to do anything and it often freezes but hopefully its nearly done (it started yesterday at 8pm and lastime I check it was on 80% - the settings app keeps failing due to the updates). Now the reason I am even doing this is so I can use some newer software as appently software now needs the newest version of windows 10, even though windows 7 makes up at least 20% of the OS market shear, and that is still more MAC users and linux users but for some reason software devs forget this. it does not even make any sence as the likly windows 7 users are people who can not run windows 10. but anyway yeah sorry for the rant but it annoys me (I do have linux, but its not able to use what I want it to use).

minor update 00:11: I do have other computers but I can only use thoughs during curtain times of day due to what I am using them with and none of them run a moden version of windows 10 but it does look like this update it going to have to be finished tomorow also I should clarify that when I say is a night mare that inculdes the stat menu freezing and crashing (clasic shell and normal)

So alot of my projects are on hold until the update finishes. anyway see ya - joe

Update 09:16 07/12/2020: (small update as I have no real progres to report) I am having trubble with the glut libary and code blocks not working together. I just do not understand how there is an error in glut.h but everyone else seems fine. but I guess I will look at other ways of doing it any this is it for now see ya -Joe

Update 23:20 15/11/2020: welcome all from the old site (not that there were any people viewing it but no matter).

Anyway as for my current progects I have been working on more complex animation on the mega drive, as normal I ran in to an error that I need to look more in to. I tried a system where I could reuse old frames but that is faulty so only half that aniamtion frams play if that (with out it played so I will fix that and then start uploading some of them here).

I am also learning C due to its speed over python. Its going to be a slow process of learing C and moving my python stuff to C but its one that I will take so I can get better proformace (I would do assembly but I want to make it portable between diffent CPU architectures).

other progects was a small update to my discord bot (made in python) to add a command that list the system info like CPU name and what OS I am on. However I am not to happy with the results but that could just be my CPUs name so I will need to try that on a diffent system. I will post some of the code here once I have built a better command. anouther feature I want to add in to it is a cpu monitor but I would need to make it ether delete and repost its message or I would need to find out how to make it edit its message.

anyway thats it for now See ya - Joe

Update 01:23 29/10/2020: I have updated the GitHub page and added the link in to the pong revolution page. I also have added an "old updates" link at the bottom of the home page (this page) so I can start to put stuff in there for when I feel like this page is filling up to much

Currently my pong revolution project is at a point were I have to ether make a system that scans to where the ball is or make a system that runs like - Is ball in 0 to 8 - however that is for me to do tomorrow (later as its 1:30 AM). however a few things I did get done are some general clean up and set up stuff like new variables and some currently commented out code that will evetuly be the outcome after the detection code.

I have made no progress on my Game engine today but that is due to my lack of direction in where I want it to go. But I think I have made up my mind and I think I will make it GameHut compatible so that very little edits will have to be done for stuff like pong to be transferred over to it

Anyway that's it for now "See ya" - Joe

Update 00:28 28/10/2020: Ok so I as a Side project from the main project I decided to work on Pong Revolution again as it would be better if the custom engine could handle a full demo instead a half baked demo and also its a learning experience for me as every bit of progress is me learning.

Anyway my current goal is to get the ball working fully (implement Y axis and the ability to miss the ball) and then I can focus on the score and then some optimisation of the code (changing the MOVE.W in to MOVE.S and then also making the code nicer to look at.

I will soon add the git hub page for it (as soon as the code on GitHub is Updated)

Anyway that is it for now, See Ya - Joe

Update 23:42 15/10/2020: Ok so my custom engine is slowly getting there but I hit a cross point, do I want to make it close to Jon's GameHut engine or do I contiune making it how the Big evil Corporation did. However while I work this out this website got a few more pages done including the upload and public release of my currently abandoned project: Pong Revolution Version 0.4 Rom and the source code (the Source code is also on github).

Other things that are now done is the 68k resources page but there is a glich in my code that I need to fix later to make it look better on larger screens. Anyway enjoy - Joe

Update 23:21 14/10/2020: This mini page was made from a test website I made and some source code from 90s websites found in the old net but the website is now up however it is unfinished as of now but there is more to come later

I have stated a project of moving my 68K projects away from the GameHut engine on to a custom one due to lack of features and I feel it would be a lot better if I knew what was going on behind the scene.

Progress in the GameHut engine:

Sprite animation (just flipping between colours)

Gravity (just pushing sonic down)

2 Players (only using 1 controller as that's all that the GameHut engine can handle as far as I know

That is all for now enjoy - Joe

Older Updates (goes to a google sites page - please ignore)